How It Works

When you sign up for a board game subscription service from UnboxBoardom, you are signing up for the hottest, brand-new board games delivered right to your door to keep!  In addition, for every 10 new board game subscription signups, we will donate a board game to an organization that helps kids who can’t afford their own, so they are able to enjoy the fun and excitement of board games. 

So here's how it works... When you sign up for UnboxBoardom, you are signing up for brand-new board games delivered right to your door!  All games that are featured are loved by members of the UnboxBoardom team -- from family board games to strategy games to party games!  All board games you will receive have been given our stamp of approval.  The last thing we'd want from our members is to select a board game, and when it arrives you Unbox....boredom (see what we did there?)  After you decide on which membership plan you want, you (or your gift recepient) will receive an email from us at the beginning of each membership month to determine what game will be sent to you (see 'Selecting Games').

Now, there are a two different UnboxBoardom payment plans you can choose between:

1)  Pay-as-you-go ($33.99/game) - You will have the flexibility to choose a new board game every month of your subscription plan and cancel anytime you'd like, and you will no longer be charged.

2)  Pre-Pay Subscription ($29.99-$31.99/game) - You will pre-pay a discounted rate for your board games. The more games you pre-pay, the better the discount! ***BEST VALUE OPTION***

Average value of board games will be around $35.  With any of the above membership options, you can select the "Trust the Experts" option.  With this option, all you need to do is choose your membership, and then we will select the board game we think you will like best every time.  No need to read emails and make decisions, just be surprised whenever a new game shows up to your door (great for gift-givers!)

That's all there is to it, so stop reading, select a plan, and start playing. It's time to unplug and play! 

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