It's all about racking up the Victory Points!

We couldn't be a board game subscription service and not offer up a way for you to score points with UnboxBoardom! We offer a rewards program to score points to get discounts off your boxes and yes, even free boxes (we may regret this later)! See information on our loyalty program below:

The Loyalty Program

The Victory Points Loyalty Program rewards you just for being a member of the UnboxBoardom community! In the Loyalty Program, you will earn "Victory Points" (we are a board game subscription after all) in a few different ways just by being a member, renewing your subscription, and referrals. You can then redeem Victory Points on your account for discounts off your boxes and even entire boxes for free! The best part -- no additional work is required by you. Victory Points will be added to your account automatically! There are a couple different ways to score Victory Points:

  • Becoming a member (20 VP) - Get Victory Points just from becoming a member!
  • Every month your subscription renews (10 VP/mo.) - Get points for every month your subscription renews (ie. if you sign up for a quarterly subscription for a year, you will get points for 3 months of renewing).

You can check out your current balance of points at the bottom of your account page and can select your rewards by clicking the "Choose my Reward" button to redeem your points for discounts and free boxes! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].